Trichomoniasis How Long Does It Last In You Trichomoniasis Wont Go Away?

Trichomoniasis wont go away? - trichomoniasis how long does it last in you

Hello, my ex-boyfriend gave me trichomoniasis and go to the doctor and I tinidazole, which was two of us, but I had sex after 2 weeks and one day after sex itching (a condom), I thought cons nizoral yeast but i wouldnt go and are still fighting a frothy discharge. I went to the doctor and he prescribed sporasec for 3 days and metronidazole for 7 nights and last nite was my past. I also had problems with my throat (sore throat, staphylococci) and I have medicine for tonsils, but sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable. When will these symptoms? What do you think you have HIV? (I am testing) How long will frothy discharge?
Please I need some information. I can not have sex. Still have not had in 3 weeks. I remainuntil I feel better that my ex is just disgusting. There is nothing like it in my life. But I learned the hard way. Please give me some advice that I am very depressed.


eyecyou said...

So my friend is not in a position different from another person. I had and never with anyone! I had a friend who uses my bathroom and I Metridazole drug that works wonders. They said mine, twice daily for 7 days, so he had 14 pills. I'm still out to have vanished like the rest of 4 days and seems to be. I do not think that you are infected with HIV, then tell your doc that you are of metronidazole 500 mg twice daily, and you can give?

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